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Customer satisfaction research - example Customer satisfaction survey - mobile example
Customer satisfaction survey - mobile example

Know what your clients think

Customer satisfaction survey let you better know your clients. How do they feel about your products or services? By listening to their thoughts and opinions you can better improve your product and services.

You can ask your clients how they like your website, checkout process, pricing, features and overall rate. Those opinions are extremely important with client who have some kind of problem. Listening to them will improve your product and services.

Listen carefully to resigning users

If you know that your user wants to resign, it's important to ask him for a reason. Additionally you can ask him how you can improve your product or services.

Customer satisfaction survey needs to be short for better response rate.

Ankieta NPS - mobilny przykład

Use NPS question to measure client loyalty

When performing customer satisfaction survey it's a good practice to measure client loyalty. Simple NPS question (Net Promoter Score) will tell you directly level of clients loyalty. The client needs to answer one question "How likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague?" answer is a scale from 0 to 10. The result is NPS score from -100 to 100. A positive value is considered as a good result and values greater than 50 as a very good result.

Customer loyalty survey could be performed periodically or transactionally. Periodically measurement could be perform once a month, quarter or annually. Transactional NPS measurement can be performed during specific situations like support contact, purchase or business inquiry.

It is said that NPS score is correlated with revenue growth.

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Satisfied customers will grow your company

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